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Black Moth Super Rainbow

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  • Eating Us Eating Us Quick View

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    Eating Us

    Grey Colored Vinyl

    The first fully hi-fi BMSR record, Eating Us, adds space and dimension to the band's sticky, off-kilter melodies. This isn't an album about witches and woods, and this time around the band isn't letting on to what it all might mean. Because to them, it's just better that way.

    1. Born On A Day The Sun Didn't Rise

    2. The Sticky

    3. Tooth Decay
    4. Gold Splatter
    5. Fields Are Breathing
    6. American Face Dust
    7. Twin Of Myself
    8. Smile The Day After Today

    9. Dark Bubbles
    10. Bubblegum Animals
    11. Iron Lemonade
    12. Carpet
    Black Moth Super Rainbow
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  • The House of Apples and Eyeballs The House of Apples and Eyeballs Quick View

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    The House of Apples and Eyeballs

    Blue & White Splatter Vinyl Limited To 1000

    The House of Apples & Eyeballs is not a split, but a year-long, full-length collaboration by both bands. While a couple tracks did make it to the record in their original, one-band form, most were passed back and forth for several rounds of dismemberment, rearrangement, and augmentation. The result overflows with sonic treats: cut-up beats and vocoder melodies collide with huge, distorted riffs. This originally came out in 2006 and the vinyl has not been in print since 2007.

    1. Spiracle
    2. Marshmallow Window
    3. It Hurts To Shoot Lazers From Your Fingers, But It's Necessary
    4. Lollipopsichord
    5. Elq Milq
    6. All the Friends You Can Eat
    7. Copying Soup Onto Sexy Birdy
    8. Psychic Swelling
    9. Lemon Lime Face
    10. Helium Tea
    11. Beds
    12. Runite Castles
    13. Tony Face
    14. Royal Firecracker Teeth
    15. Foxy and the Weight of the World
    Black Moth Super Rainbow + The Octopus Project
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Sweatbox Dynasty Sweatbox Dynasty Quick View

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    Sweatbox Dynasty

    It's been almost two decades since baby TOBACCO first plugged in a tape deck, popped the top, and found the dark magic that's fueled so many sonic forays into his genreless bog of beat-blasted hypnagogia and otherworldly-yet-earthen pop. The Pennsylvanian experimentalist has since helmed countless Black Moth Super Rainbow releases, remixed outsiders as offbeat as HEALTH and unexpected as White Zombie, and produced MCs ranging from Aesop Rock to Beck.

    But it's on his fourth solo album that TOBACCO winds up coining an apt name for his vast empire of moldering electro-fied dirt: Sweatbox Dynasty. The new LP - his second for Ghostly International - finds the rural recluse resurrecting an old approach to hack a new path through the muck. This may be his most unintentionally psychedelic and left-field creation yet, full of rhythms that start and stop like a tractor on its last piston, resonating melodies made to fuel transcendental meltdowns, and vocals that hiss, gurgle, and growl.

    1. Human Om
    2. Hong
    3. Wipeth Out
    4. Gods In Heat
    5. Home Invasionaries
    6. Dimensional Hum
    7. Warlock Mary
    8. Suck Viper
    9. The Madonna
    10. Fantasy Trash Wave
    11. Memory Girl
    12. Let's Get Worn Away
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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