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Black Lips

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  • Arabia Mountain Arabia Mountain Quick View

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    Arabia Mountain

    Founding fathers of Atlanta's flower punk movement, the Black Lips are set to release Arabia Mountain, their sixth full-length album, on longtime label Vice. Arabia Mountain was recorded between Brooklyn and Atlanta over the last few months of 2010 with the collaborative assistance of celebrated DJ and producer Mark Ronson, Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter, and a human skull with a microphone jammed into it.

    Arabia Mountain marks the first time the Black Lips have worked with an outside producer. Mark Ronson, best known for his production work with the likes of Nas, Adele, Kaiser Chiefs, Duran Duran, Lily Allen, and Amy Winehouse, recorded nine of the album's 16 tracks while Lockett Pundt of Deerhunter produced 2 cuts.

    1. Family Tree

    2. Modern Art

    3. Spideys Curse

    4. Mad Dog
    5. Mr. Driver

    6. Bicentennial Man
    7. Go Out And Get It
    8. Raw Meat
    9. Bone Marrow
    10. The Lie
    11. Time
    12. Dumpster Dive

    13. New Direction
    14. Noc-A-Homa
    15. Dont Mess Up My Baby

    16. You Keep On Running
    Black Lips
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  • Butter Knife Butter Knife Quick View

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    Butter Knife

    Limited First Edition LP Pressed On Translucent Gold Vinyl

    LP Comes With 18x24 Insert / Poster

    After nine years of existence, Fullerton's Audacity has left the garage of their
    humble 9th grade beginning, but the garage hasn't left the spirit of their
    music. With two LPs, a slew of EPs, and no shortage of touring under their
    belts, Audacity are hardly a wet-behind-the-ears rock band. Their
    razor-sharp musicianship and high-energy performances were solid enough
    to earn them the privilege of serving as the backing band for both King Tuff
    and Todd Congelliere (Toys That Kill, Underground Railroad to Candyland).
    And while you could hear the band pushing at the boundaries on their prior
    releases-a nod to Descendents melodic hardcore here, a dash of
    Replacements' bar-band irtations there-Audacity seems less interested in
    showing a broad swath of inuences as they are in delivering the craftiest
    hooks and sweatiest live show possible.

    Audacity's latest full-length Butter Knife is still, at its core, a garage rock
    record. The economic instrumentation, grit-tinged guitar jangle,
    pogo-prompting tempos, and sing-along choruses can all be traced back to
    the seminal Nuggets collections. But ultimately, Butter Knife doesn't sound so
    much like an homage to The Sonics as it sounds like a young band striving to
    make the most ebullient and jubilant noise possible. Album opener "Couldn't
    Hold A Candle" is a perfect introduction to Audacity's battle plan-a
    balanced blend of pop sensibility and ribald power. "Hole In The Sky"
    showcases the band's gift for the on-the-dime changes, sophisticated
    melodies, and clever instrumental interplay. "Red Wine" demonstrates a
    Robert Pollard-like knack for turning an unexpected chord combination into a
    remarkably punchy chorus. And album closer "Autumn" harkens back to the
    balladry of power pop kings Big Star. All of which is to say, Audacity are
    tighter and more clever than your average suburban band, and consequently
    they're one of the strongest acts in the Southern Californian garage rock
    scene surrounding Fullerton's DIY label Burger Records (Black Lips, Nobunny,
    Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees).

    1. Couldn't Hold A Candle
    2. Pigs
    3. Hole In The Sky
    4. Cold Rush
    5. Tell Yourself
    6. Rooster
    7. Pick Slide
    8. Onomatopoeia
    9. Watered Down
    10. Red Wine
    11. Crying In The Limelight
    12. Dancing Under Soft Light
    13. Autumn
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  • Underneath The Rainbow Underneath The Rainbow Quick View

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    Underneath The Rainbow

    Atlanta's favorite sons Black Lips have announced the impending release of their first full length in three years, Underneath the Rainbow on longtime label Vice Records.

    Recorded at a variety of locations over the course of 2013, the twelve songs boast a stable of studio collaborators whose pedigree speaks to how much the band has grown and sonically matured over the course of their 15 year long career.

    1. Drive By Buddy
    2. Smiling
    3. Make You Mine
    4. Funny
    5. Dorner Party
    6. Justice After All
    7. Boys in the Wood
    8. Waiting
    9. Do the Vibrate
    10. I Don't Wanna Go Home
    11. Dandelion Dust
    12. Dog Years
    Black Lips
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  • Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art? Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art? Quick View

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    Satan's Graffiti Or God's Art?

    Atlanta's valiant punks Black Lips have announced that their first album in three years,Satan's graffiti or God's art?, is set for release May 5 on Vice Records. Produced bySean Lennon at his studio compound in upstate New York throughout 2016, the album isthe group's most musically evolved to date, while still staying true to their original blisteringtake on fuzzy, dirty rock n' roll.

    During the recording, the band isolated themselves from the outside world, infusing thealbum with a focused liveliness similar to the spirit that brought them together in the firstplace. On Satan's graffiti or God's art? founding members Cole Alexander and JaredSwilley teamed with former guitarist Jack Hines (who played in the group from 2002-2004)and recent additions Oakley Munson on drums and Zumi Rosow on saxophone. The albumalso features contributions by Saul Adamczewski of Fat White Familyand guest vocals by Yoko Ono.

    Satan's graffiti or God's art? vindicates Black Lips for sticking it out through many years ofshifting trends and buzz bands; a sonically captivating document that is as creativelyunhinged as it is precisely executed, one of the rawest and most expansive albums in theband's storied history.

    LP 1
    1. Overture: Sunday Mourning
    2. Occidental Front
    3. Can't Hold On
    4. The Last Cul de Sac
    5. Interlude: Got Me All Alone
    6. Crystal Night
    7. Squatting in Heaven
    8. Interlude: Bongos Baby
    9. Rebel Intuition

    LP 2
    1. Wayne
    2. Interlude: E'lektric Spider Webz
    3. We Know
    4. In My Mind There's A Dream
    5. Lucid Nightmare
    6. Come Ride With Me
    7. It Won't Be Long
    8. Loser's Lament
    9. Finale: Sunday Mourning

    Black Lips
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  • Free To Eat Free To Eat Quick View

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    Free To Eat

    Plague Vendor are from Whittier, CA. They make garage-style punk reminiscent of
    Gun Club or Grinderman and manifests most recently in bands like The Black Lips,
    FIDLAR, Iceage, and Ty Segall. Guitar, bass and drums, and a kinetic frontman, channeling his inner Nick Cave and willing to spill a little blood for your entertainment.
    Signed to Epitaph after some impressive live shows and a near perfect demo, Plague
    Vendor release their debut full length, Free to Eat, this April. Plague Vendor's snarling
    guitars and high energy sets will make young music fans who have never heard of the
    bands mentioned above fully engaged in Plague Vendor's infectious second wave of
    garage punk.
    1. Black Sap Scriptures
    2. Cursed Love, Hexed Lust
    3. Breakdance on Broken Glass
    4. My Tongue Is So Treacherous
    5. Numbers
    6. Plague Vendor
    7. Finical Fatalist
    8. Seek the Ruby Scarab
    9. Garden Lanterns
    10. Neophron Percnopterus
    Plague Vendor
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  • Black Lips (Awaiting Repress) Black Lips (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Black Lips (Awaiting Repress)

    Back In Print On Clear Vinyl

    Listen to the first couple of cuts from the Black Lips' self-titled debut album and it sounds like you've uncovered yet another nuevo-garage rock band with an extra shot of punk rock attitude. All well and good, but let the album sink in and you realize these kids have a bit more up their sleeves -- the tres-wasted psychedelia of Freakout, the creepy blues crawl of Stone Cold and Down and Out, and the free-form dementia of You're Dumb prove these guys have been absorbing their influences from any number of less than wholesome sources.

    1 Throw It Away
    2 Freakout
    3 Ain't No Deal
    4 Stone Cold
    5 I've Got a Knife
    6 Down and Out
    7 Steps
    9 Sweet Kin
    10 Crazy Girl
    11 Everybody Loves a Cocksucker
    12 Can't Get Me Down
    13 You're Dumb
    14 Untitled
    Black Lips
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  • We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow Quick View

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    We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow

    The fabulous second album by one of the leading bands of the new garage scene. Wallows in the same glorious mud of reverb and gothic tales!
    1. M.I.A.
    2. Time of the Scab
    3. Dawn of the Age of Tomorrow
    4. Nothing at All/100 New Fears
    5. Stranger
    6. Juvenile
    7. Notown Blues
    8. Ghetto Cross
    9. Jumpin Around
    10. Super X-13
    Black Lips
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  • Dancin' With Wolves Dancin' With Wolves Quick View

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    Dancin' With Wolves

    New Natural Child! Touring with Black Lips in the Spring!
    Natural Child
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  • Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones - Black Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones - Black Quick View

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    Marshall Major II Bluetooth Headphones - Black

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    The double-ended coil cord with mic & remote is completely detachable and compatible with any music player that receives a 3.5mm jack. When listening to music wirelessly, you can use the empty 3.5mm socket to share audio with someone else.

    With the analogue control knob you can play, pause, shuffle and adjust the volume. Phone functionality is also included so you can answer, reject or end a call with a few simple clicks.

    Turn on, tune in and rock out to the customized drivers, which deliver a sound that it timeless and sure to be remembered.

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  • Dismania Dismania Quick View

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    Music for heathens, both primitive and sophisticated, The K-Holes emergered from guttural rock n rollers Golden Triangle and the Black Lips, so there is no doubt that these five New Yorker's know what they are doing. Sexy and sinsister escapism, Dismania, the band's sophmore release, takes the distortion, feedback, and saxophone of the Stooges' Funhouse and drives it hard, head on, into Teenage Jesus and the Jerk's car. Rock n roll should never be safe! The K-Holes are rock n roll.
    1. Child
    2. Rats
    3. Frozen Stiff
    4. Acid
    5. Window in the Wall
    6. Nightshifter
    7. Mosquito
    8. Dirty Hax
    9. Numb
    10. Nothing New
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  • Trip Trap Attack Trip Trap Attack Quick View

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    Trip Trap Attack

    "Singer Kimmy Drake has the true voice of a girl-group leading lady, something like a
    young, white Ronnie Spector raised on punk" ORLANDO WEEKLY

    "[The music] may tip its hat to the past-in particular, '60s girl groups but it's hardly
    derivative." ELLE

    "We love a fun song about going to the beach. Now there is a whole band about it." FOAM

    "Take a listen to our latest Band Crush the nostalgic trio with '60s surfer melodies"

    "Nearly four minutes of gorgeous surf and garage rock, complete with tambourine
    bashing, sentimental keys, jangly guitar, and rich vocals all about lust and longing. It
    captures the sincerity of the '60s, while ringing ever so true today." FILTER MAGAZINE

    FOR FANS OF: 60's, garage, pop, Cults, Dum Dum Girls, Black Lips, the Shangri-La's

    Trip Trap Attack is the debut album from Hollywood, Florida based trio Beach Day. An
    embodiment of their surroundings and love of 60's girl groups, Beach Day sounds as you
    might expect. Think of a female fronted Beach Boys, throw in some The Shangri-La's,
    The Ventures, The Sonics, Phil Spector, The Ronettes, add in contemporaries Cults,
    Jacuzzi Boys, Dum Dum Girls and the Black Lips and you have a soundtrack for your
    perfect Beach Day.

    The album was recorded in South Florida and mixed by Jim Diamond (the White Stripes, Dirtbombs).

    1. Walking on the Streets
    2. Boys
    3. Beach Day
    4. Stay
    5. Vacation
    6. Trip Trap Attack
    7. Little Weird
    8. Come Back To Me
    9. Wasting All My Time
    10. Am I The Only One
    11. We've Gotta Go
    Beach Day
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  • Cosmetics Cosmetics Quick View

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    With a big rhythm section and melodies that expand to take in influences including 1950s country music and 1960s British-Invasion rock, Diamond Rugs is a band that's determined to avoid easy category, a consistent point of view or even a signature sound. -- NPR

    Diamond Rugs emerge from their first full-length effort as a cohesive, spirited country-punk collective that brings out the best in each member. -- Paste

    In rock journalism, the term supergroup is often doled out a little too easy. But Diamond Rugs fit the bill in the most valiant ways - Deer Tick's John McCauley & Robbie Crowell, former Black Lips guitarist Ian St. PÉ, Dead Confederate's T. Hardy Morris, Los Lobos' Steve Berlin and Six Finger Satellite's Bryan Dufresne.

    On the band's new sophomore LP, Cosmetics, each musician maintains the distinct personality you loved about 'em in the first place, while at the same time locking in like puzzle pieces, feeding off each other in a way that'd make most full-time bands jealous as hell, and leaving in their wake a breezy, wide-open, unpretentious set of rock & roll songs that beg you to dance your ass off.

    1. Voodoo Doll
    2. Thunk
    3. Couldn't Help It
    4. Meant to Be
    5. Live and Shout It
    6. So What
    7. Ain't Religion
    8. Killin' Time
    9. Blame
    10. Clean
    11. Motel Room
    Diamond Rugs
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  • The Sides And In Between The Sides And In Between Quick View

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    The Sides And In Between

    The Sides And In Between is the new album from Atlanta band Gringo Star, their first for Nevado Records.

    If you know a little about brothers Nick and Peter Furgiuele's roots, it all makes sense. Our grandad started out in radio in the 40s and 50s in Columbus, GA., Nick explains. He was a huge promoter of R&B back when it was still super segregated, and he was playing black music and putting on shows with Little Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Sam Cooke & the Soul Stirrers, a lot of Gospel shows. So we grew up hearing all these stories, listening to all this music. Our grandfather was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame posthumously. And my grandma all her photo albums are like Jackie Wilson shirtless backstage, hanging out. Not to mention how Nick and Peter used to raid their parents record collections, cutting their teeth on the likes of Buddy Holly, The Animals and The Kinks. Our favorite music comes from the 50s, Peter says, and that music influenced all the 60s bands we like.

    The band has toured relentlessly across the U.S. and Europe building a diehard underground following while sharing bills with everyone from Cat Power and Feist to The Black Angels and Weezer, and also touring with Wavves, Best Coast, And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and fellow Atlantans The Black Lips.

    1. Rotten
    2. Magic
    3. Get Closer
    4. Still Alive

    5. Going Home

    6. Knee Deep

    7. Heading South

    8. Undone

    9. It's You

    10. The Last Trace
    Gringo Star
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  • Gray Waves (Discontinued) (On Sale) Gray Waves (Discontinued) (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

    $13.99 $11.05 Save $2.94 (21%)

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    Gray Waves (Discontinued) (On Sale)

    Hailing from Athens, GA, Twin Tigers are ready to unleash their dynamic sound unto the world. Along with other elements of the past five decades of rock music, Twin Tigers blend noise textures with pop structure and shoegaze overtones shaping a sound that's all new.

    Formed by co-workers at the Grit restaurant, guitarist/vocalist Matthew Rain and bassist Aimee Morris began Twin Tigers as their previous bands dissolved. In February of 2008, the Curious Faces/Violet Future EP was released to critical acclaim. The band quickly started building a solid fan base throughout the southeast and played shows with Deerhunter, Dead Confederate, Black Lips, Dungen, Woods, Snowden and A Place to Bury Strangers.

    After a slew of revolving guitarists and drummers the band debuted its current lineup with drummer Doug Crump and guitarist Forrest Hall, opening for Les Savy Fav at the Earl in Atlanta only a few weeks before their first trip to SXSW 2009. Upon returning from SXSW, the band began recording Gray Waves which is being released courtesy of Brooklyn based Old Flame Records.

    1. Passive Idol
    2. Red Fox Run
    3. Everyday
    4. Watershed
    5. Sexless Love
    6. Gray Waves
    7. Feathers
    8. Automatic
    9. Crystal Highway
    10. Island
    Twin Tigers
    $13.99 $11.05 Save $2.94 (21%)
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  • Badillac Badillac Quick View

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    Together PANGEA began with lead singer-songwriter William Keegan recording songs on a 4-track tape machine as a teenager. The band truly began to
    take shape when Danny Bengston joined on bass, Erik Jimenez on drums and later Cory Hanson on lead guitar. They began performing at CalArts and
    house parties in the Santa Clarita valley in 2008, soon venturing to house shows and DIY spaces throughout the West Coast. These initial grassroots
    tours were followed by shows at iconic LA venues such as The Echo, Echoplex, the Troubadour and The Roxy, as well as trips to Austin for SXSW. Their
    debut recording was 2010's cassette-only Jelly Jam, released by Seattle-based label Lost Sound Tapes. Their second album Living Dummy was coreleased
    on LP in the summer of 2011 by Burger Records and The Smell's label Olfactory. Living Dummy was followed up by the Killer Dreams EP in
    early 2012. Pangea have played shows with Wavves, The Black Lips, FIDLAR, Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin, King Kahn and the Shrines, Nobunny, Redd
    Kross, Guitar Wolf, The Strange Boys, and many more. Now signed to Harvest Records, together PANGEA released their 7-inch, "Snakedog", in August
    1. Alive
    2. Make Myself True
    3. Badillac
    4. Does He Really Care
    5. River
    6. Offer
    7. Depress
    8. Sick Shit
    9. Cat Man
    10. Why
    11. No Way Out

    12. WhereThe Night Ends
    together PANGEA
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  • Smith Westerns Smith Westerns Quick View

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    Smith Westerns

    Rummaging through 1970s glam, Phil Spector teen-pop, and Nuggets garage-punk with the youthful abandon of kids finding new toys in the attic, the Smith Westerns' self-titled debut exudes an earnestness almost as pure as its recording levels are deafening. Their simple, sweet choruses about boys and girls in love could spike the punch at a 1970s TV show school dance.

    When singing guitarist Cullen Omori, his bassist brother Cameron, second guitarist Max Kakacek, and a drummer known as Hal have the tunes to make themselves heard over their vintage aesthetic, The Smith Westerns' teenage kicks are hard to beat. Take string-swept glam ballad Be My Girl. which softly punctuates one of the year's most wrenchingly innocent hooks with somewhat risque pick-up lines. There's less lyrical subtext, but no less raunchy production, on the glam-rock boogie of Girl in Love, a come-on cursorily addressing the fleetingness of youth. It's only fitting that the Smith Westerns both look and sound like the Black Lips' good-bad not-evil twins.

    These guys are sort of literally true to their school, garage-rocker Miss Alex White is a fellow Northside College Prep magnet-school alum, and their time on the road with the likes of Jay Reatard and Nobunny is evident on fine 60s-style frat-rocker Gimme Some Time. With fuzzed-out xylophone, frenetic opener Dreams suggests the group's most recent tour with Girls and Los Campesinos! might serve them better for a follow-up. Diamond Boys almost earns its piano on the strength of its adolescent grandiosity, but We Stay Out lets lo-fi become the end rather than the means, with a guitar line that sounds like a bee buzzing underwater.

    1. Dreams
    2. Boys Are Fine
    3. Gimme Some Time
    4. Girl In Love
    5. We Stay Out
    6. Tonight
    7. Be My Girl
    8. The Glam Goddess
    9. Diamond Boys
    10. My Heart
    Smith Westerns
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  • Davila 666 - Live At Third Man 3-6-11 Davila 666 - Live At Third Man 3-6-11 Quick View

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    Davila 666 - Live At Third Man 3-6-11

    Live recording of Puerto Rican rock and rollers Davila 666's performance at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN on 3/06/11. Produced by Jack White and recorded live direct to analog tape. Black vinyl in plain black sleeve.

    The Third Man Live records are a continuous series of full-length albums recorded in their Blue Room which is arguably the only current venue in the world where a band can record a live set direct-to-tape in front of a paying audience. These shows are recorded onto one-inch 8-track tape (usually by Grammy Award-winning engineer Vance Powell) in front of lucky-to-get-a-ticket crowds. The 8-track master is mixed to 2-track tape at Third Man Studio and that tape is then used to cut the vinyl master, thus ensuring the recording remains in the analog domain the entire time and is never transferred to a digital signal. With limited-edition, split-color, black-and-blue vinyl versions of the LP only available to attendees of the show (and on rare occasions, to Vault members for extra-special releases), the black vinyl versions of the show are of unlimited pressings. At this time the Third Man Live series is only available on vinyl and not any other format.

    Describing themselves as like Menudo on drugs, San Juan, Puerto Rico's Davila 666 combine Stooges-like garage rock fire with the occasional sugary pop melodies. The seven, not six surprisingly, Davilas include singer/tambourine player Sir Charles, multi-instrumentalist AJ, guitarists/vocalists Miss Davila and Johnny Otis, drummer/guitarist/vocalist San Pablo, percussionist/vocalist Panda and guitarist/drummer/vocalist Gigi. Their theatrical live show which includes themes, props, costumes, and dancers, won them fans in the States when they toured with the Black Lips and the King Khan & BBQ Show.

    Davila 666's self-titled U.S. debut was released in the summer of 2008 via In the Red Records. After a somewhat quiet year in 2009, the band came back strong in 2010, releasing an EP on Robs House Records and singles on Norton (covering the Rolling Stones' She's a Rainbow) and Vice (a split with the Dirtbombs). In 2011 the band's second album, Tan Bajo, hit the shelves.

    1. Si Me Vez

    2. Obsecionau

    3. Cobre Y Amor

    4. La Pingorocha Y La Diva Rockera

    5. La Killer Bitch

    6. Robacuna

    7. Hanging On The Telefone

    8. Me Va Mul Mal

    9. Basura

    10. Mala

    11. Ratata

    12. Patitas

    13. Noche De Terror

    14. El Lobo
    Davila 666
    Colored Vinyl LP - Resealable Polypropylene Bag Buy Now
  • Wild Onion Wild Onion Quick View

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    Wild Onion

    " Twin Peaks have perfected the kind of songwriting that puts you in a practiced, happy headlock."
    - Pitchfork

    "The Chicago teenagers who make up the band Twin Peaks make a confident old-school indie rock chug that should be beyond their years."
    - Stereogum

    "Although steeped in the amp-shattering sensibilities of a garage band, the triumphant Sunken listens like a sunny pop record. It's lovably fuzzy, worn with the character of beloved jukebox hits."
    - Consequence of Sound

    Don't bother asking Twin Peaks about the deeper meaning of their band name. They simply thought it sounded cool, which explains why their second album Wild Onion isn't as spooky or surreal as David Lynch's short-lived TV show. It's more like a modern day Nuggets, with Ty Segall, Black Lips and Thee Oh Sees curating instead of Lenny Kaye. Not literally, of course. But the spirit of those garage demigods is alive and well alongside subtle nods to everything from the Pixies and Tame Impala to the godfathers of guitar-guided pop music, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys.

    If combining the influence of so many classic artists seems like a lofty goal for a group of 20 year olds, just remember that Twin Peaks' core quartet-frontman Cadien Lake James, guitarist Clay Frankel, bassist Jack Dolan and drummer Connor Brodner-has roots that reach back to elementary school. After cutting his teeth during his high school freshman year in a duo with his older brother Hal, James reconnected with his old chums and formed what would become Twin Peaks, and the chemistry was immediately undeniable.

    Having quickly cut their debut LP, 2013's Sunken, in Cadien's basement so they could sell it on tour, the band was excited to spend more time developing Wild Onion, a record that reveals a level of maturity beyond all the amp-singeing solos, ragtag rhythms and dizzying voices of three distinct singer-songwriters. Unlike acts who let their egos get in the way, Cadien, Clay and Jack share the spotlight and play to one another's strengths as Connor keeps things moving with a steady beat.

    1. I Found a New Way
    2. Strawberry Smoothie
    3. Mirror of Time
    4. Sloop Jay D
    5. Making Breakfast
    6. Strange World
    7. Fade Away
    8. Sweet Thing
    9. Stranger World
    10. Telephone
    11. Flavor
    12. Ordinary People
    13. Good Lovin'
    14. Hold On
    15. No Way Out
    16. Mind Frame
    Twin Peaks
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • 409 409 Quick View

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    Purple play pop music. Messy, dirty, raucous, grit-spitting, tequila-glugging pop music. They do not apologise for this. They have a big streak of it running skunk-like up their backs and through urgent tunes full of indie-punk snarl and piss and vinegar, but driven by grooves deep enough to rival any hop-hop classics. They are wrestling pop away from the world of vocoders, slick dance routines and coquettish airheads and bringing back to where it belongs: to the beach, to the house party, dancing on the table in that bar you need a fake ID to get into. They like to bare flesh and play until they bleed. Good things followed: a huge local following, two managers and endless touring.

    '(409)' is the name of the area code for their East Texas neighbour and the name of Purple's debut album produced by Chris 'Frenchie' Smith (...Trail Of Dead, Jet ). Recorded in El Paso, '(409)' is an album that's borne out of endless jams and no shortage of live shows where Purple offer a combination of the explosive and the celebratory. Instruments are abused and crowds are surfed; their shows are somewhere between the wild, fleshy abandonment of early White Stripes. "We're positive people," shrugs Busby. "We're always looking for the party somewhere. Or maybe we are the party."

    Pop is there in the 60s garage-influenced brilliance of 'Beach Buddy', a song propelled by a dual girl/boy vocal and the same endless summer joie de vivre of Ramones, Black Lips and Weezer . The chorus is an earworm that burrows deep. It's there too in 'Wallflower', a joyously uplifting song that flips the usual script and sees a girl ardently - some might say aggressively - pursuing an admirer through the upended bottles, overflowing ashtrays and tangled limbs of a party: "I'm a girl - you're supposed to be chasing me!" With definite shades of Bikini Kill and No Doubt it's the best femme-punk song we've heard in an aeon. 'Head On The Floor' meanwhile is a proto-grunge song that swings like early Hole and has a whole of soul.

    '(409)' is certainly an album with sand in its shoes and a rocket up its ass. It transports you to a better place. Listening to Purple quickens your pulse. Gives you the sweats. Has you reaching for a cold one. And then another. And then ten more. They make you feel alive. They are good for you.

    1. Wallflower
    2. Double Nickels
    3. Leche Loco
    4. Beach Buddy
    5. Thirteen
    6. Target
    7. Head On The Floor
    8. Liquor
    9. New Born
    10. DMT
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  • The Birth The Birth Quick View

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    The Birth

    After traversing the galaxy as the road crew for fellow Oklahomans The Flaming Lips, a strange yet melodically intoxicating band has emerged, the psych/prog/experimental pop quartet Stardeath And White Dwarfs. One-half stoners with nothing to do but roll joints on their King Crimson record sleeves and one-half confetti launchers/space bubble technicians, Stardeath And White Dwarfs debut their own free-floating circus with their first full-length album, The Birth. A mind-trip of emotion and mood, recalling everything from upper dance freak-outs to downer Floyd-esque anthems, The Birth celebrates a love of all things psychedelic. This standard-weight black-vinyl release is housed in a single-pocket jacket with a digital download card for the full album.

    Stardeath And White DWarfs independently released the six song EP, Thats Cool, in 2005, followed by the 7 single in the U.K., Toast & Marmalade For Tea/Chemical, on Half Machine Records in 2008. The band has toured with Deerhoof, British Sea Power, Band Of Horses, Starlight Mints and The Flaming Lips.

    Side A:

    1. The Sea Is On Fire

    2. New Heat

    3. Keep Score

    4. The Birth

    5. Those Who Are From The Sun Return To The Sun

    Side B:

    6. I Can't Get Away

    7. The Age Of The Freak

    8. Country Ballad

    9. The March

    10. Smoking Pot Makes Me Not Want To Kill Myself

    Stardeath And White Dwarfs
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  • Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker 3 Colors Available Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker Quick View

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    Klipsch Heritage Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker

    Audio pioneer and company founder Paul W. Klipsch introducted the Klipschorn loudspeaker in 1946 to allow people, for the very first time, to experience the power, detail and passion of a live performance in their comfort of their home. Commonly referred to as a corner-horn speaker, the incredibly unique Klipschorn features a highly efficient horn loaded tweeter and midrange compression driver. Its patented folded-horn 15 woofer provides powerful low frequencies.

    • Highly efficient: 105 dB 1W / 1M
    • Fully horn-loaded, full range, three-way system with a patented folded-horn 15 woofer delivers powerful low frequencies
    • 2 midrange and 1 tweeter compression drivers.
    • Capable of extreme output levels with ultra low distortion and astonishing dynamic range
    • Available in a high-quality Black Ash, Cherry, or Walnut wood veneer finish

    Regarded as watershed industry event, the premier of the Klipschorn set the industry standard for high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, low distortion, and smooth frequency response. These principles, which propel the creation of every single Klipsch loudspeaker, are what make the Klipschorn as sought after today as it was decades ago.

    The Klipschorn, the only speaker in the world to be in production continuously for over 65 years, has basically remained unchanged since its inception. In 2005, the company made some small cosmetic and functional upgrades to this legendary speaker, including the removal of the inset collar, or spacer, between the upper and lower cabinets for a cleaner appearance. A horizontal wall seal was added to enhance the low frequency horn's response accuracy.

    Available in a cherry, walnut or black ash wood veneer finish, the Klipschorn mirrors a class of high-quality workmanship that will never go out of style.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Speakers
    Heritage Klipschorn Floorstanding Speaker - Single
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  • Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones Quick View

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    Klipsch Reference R6 On-Ear Headphones

    Klipsch produced the R6 on-ear headphones to give listeners a comfortable, exceptional listening experience at an affordable price. They are of the mindset that everyone deserves the very best acoustics available - and that's why they are known as The Keepers of the Sound™.

    Light and Comfortable

    A simple design that is unobtrusive, R6 on-ear sits on your ears comfortably and has the ability to fold flat for travel.

    Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker

    Klipsch's custom, full-range KG-150 dynamic moving coil speaker provides a warm and accurate sound.

    High-Density Memory Foam Ear Cups

    Provide maximum comfort for long-term wear and exceptional outside noise-reduction.

    Adjustable Leather Headband

    Delivers custom fit and comfort.


    Available in black finish, each includes a carrying case and one-year warranty.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Headphones
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  • Klipsch AS-5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones 2 COLORS AVAILABLE Klipsch AS-5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones Quick View

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    Klipsch AS-5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones

    All Sport In-Ear Headphones That Stay Put

    The lightweight, moisture/sweat resistant Klipsch AS-5i headphone stays put even during your toughest workout. Secure fit design gently wraps around your ear for stable fit that won't fall out. Customizable flex wire design allows you to position the headphone so you find the ideal fit.

    Kevlar-Armored Cables

    Extremely durable, tangle-resistant cabling withstands pulls, snags, etc.

    Slim Three-Button Mic And Remote System

    Features full control of iPhone, iPad and iPod models, while allowing for seamless control of music and phone calls.

    Built-In Clothing Clip

    Keeps controls secure during activity.

    High-Efficiency Driver

    Small driver design produces big sound that covers a wide frequency range with incredible detail.

    Patented Oval Ear Tips

    Soft, flexible oval ear tips naturally fit the contours of the ear canal for comfortable, long-term use and provide a perfect acoustic seal for excellent noise isolation. They fit better. They feel better. Only Klipsch has them.


    Available in black or blue finish, each comes with cloth bag, four different sized ear tips and includes one year warranty.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Headphones
    AS-5i All Sport In-Ear Headphones
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  • Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones Quick View

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    Klipsch Reference R6i On-Ear Headphones

    No nonsense, all performance. Featuring a 40mm custom-tuned driver and on-ear, closed earcups, this fold-flat design is idea for both travel and use at the office. Compact and convenient, R6i on-ear headphones produces the same signature audio as the in-ear model for the same price.

    Light and Comfortable

    A simple design that is unobtrusive, R6i on-ear sits on your ears comfortably and has the ability to fold flat for travel.

    Dynamic Moving Coil 40mm Speaker

    Klipsch's custom, full-range KG-150 dynamic moving coil speaker provides a warm and accurate sound.

    High-Density Memory Foam Ear Cups

    Provide maximum comfort for long-term wear and exceptional outside noise-reduction.

    Advanced Three-Button Remote + Mic

    Provides complete control of iPhone, iPod touch and iPod models, while allowing for flawless control of music and phone calls.

    Adjustable Leather Headband

    Delivers custom fit and comfort.


    Available in black finish, each includes a carrying case and one-year warranty.


    Have a question about this product? Please email our audio advisor or call 1-877-929-8729 with any questions or concerns regarding your equipment purchase.

    Klipsch Headphones
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