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Avant Garde

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  • Components Components Quick View

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    Part Of The Blue Note 75th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Campaign

    Components is an album by jazz vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson. The first side of the LP features compositions by Hutcherson, in a hard bop style, whilst the second side features Joe Chambers' compositions, more in the avant-garde style.

    1. Components
    2. Tranquility
    3. Little B's Poem
    4. West 22nd Street Theme
    5. Movement
    6. Juba Dance
    7. Air
    8. Pastoral
    Bobby Hutcherson
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  • Teaspoon To The Ocean Teaspoon To The Ocean Quick View

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    Teaspoon To The Ocean

    Born in Louisville, raised in Georgia, educated in Michigan and bouncing between California and New York ever since, he has spent the last decade exploring a variety of approaches to psychedelic collage. In his audio
    recordings, songs, videos, sculptures, digital paintings, chalk murals & written work he has attempted to harness the humour and ambiguous poignancy specific to the experience of dreaming.

    The latest addition to Schuster-Craig's unique and under-exposed body of work comes in the form of Teaspoon To The Ocean, his debut album for Weird World. The eleven acid-country pop songs of Teaspoon To The
    Ocean combine the cut-up lyrical style of avant garde literary great Gertrude Stein with influences ranging from Lindsay Buckingham to Meat Puppets by way of Roy Orbison, Gary Numan and Indonesian Campursari
    and Vietnamese slide guitar playing.

    1. Remove A Tooth
    2. In Between
    3. Appetites
    4. The Waves
    5. Situations In Love
    6. World Of Machines
    7. Dozens
    8. The Many
    9. Illustration
    10. Melt Me
    11. Wild Wind
    Jib Kidder
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Improvisation (On Sale) Improvisation (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    Improvisation (On Sale)

    The godfather of improvisational guitar, Derek Bailey's praises have been sung far and wide by everyone from Pat Metheny to Karlheinz Stockhausen for having revolutionized the way the instrument was played over the last half of the twentieth century. Although fans are often frustrated by the low-fidelity of his earlier recordings, this 1975 LP (originally released on the Italian avant-garde label, Cramps), stands out in that regard. Recorded in an actual studio (unlike most of his early work) in Milan, for this session Bailey was apparently asked by his Italian hosts to define "improvisation". He then proceeded to give his answer in the form of these fourteen tracks (eight performed with electric guitar, five with six-string acoustic guitar, and one with a 19-string acoustic guitar).
    1. M1
    2. M2
    3. M3
    4. M4
    5. M5
    6. M6
    7. M7
    8. M8
    9. M9
    10. M10
    11. M11
    12. M12
    13. M13
    14. M14
    Derek Bailey
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  • Live At The Avant Garde Live At The Avant Garde Quick View

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    Live At The Avant Garde

    Before Magic Sam scored with 1967's West Side Soul (DMK 615) his recorded legacy included a handful of sides for Cobra in the late '50s, Chief in the early '60s and a few miscellaneous 45s in the mid-'60s. But just when it looked like things were going to really take off for Sam he passed away on December 1, 1969 at the age of 32. Delmark issued 1968's Black Magic (DMK 620) and there have been several posthumous releases of live recordings including the classic Live (DMK 645). This album comes from a June 22, 1968 live concert recorded at the Avant Garde in Milwaukee. It features Magic Sam, vocals, guitar; Big Mojo Elem, bass and Bob Richey, drums. Over 65 minutes.
    1. San-Ho-Zay
    2. Don't Want No Woman
    3. I Need You So Bad
    4. Feelin' Good
    5. It's All Your Fault Baby
    6. You Belong To Me
    7. Bad Luck Blues
    8. Come On In This House
    9. Hide Away (Theme)
    10. Hoochie Coochie Man
    11. Still A Fool
    12. That's All I Need
    13. All Your Love (I Miss Loving)
    14. That's All Right
    15. I Found Me A New Love
    16. Lookin' Good
    17. Everynight Everyday
    18. Hully Gully Twist
    Magic Sam
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  • The Avant-Garde (Mono Remaster) The Avant-Garde (Mono Remaster) Quick View

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    The Avant-Garde (Mono Remaster)

    Mono Remaster

    This album is rightfully co-credited to Don Cherry (trumpet), who ably trades blows with John Coltrane (tenor/soprano sax) throughout. The Avant-Garde also boasts the debut studio recording of Coltrane playing soprano sax -- on The Blessing -- in addition to his continuing advancements on tenor.

    Although these tracks were recorded during the summer of 1960, they remained shelved for nearly six years.

    Joining Coltrane and Cherry are essentially the rest of the members of the Ornette Coleman Quartet, Ed Blackwell (drums) and Charlie Haden (bass) on Cherryco and The Blessing, as well as Percy Heath (bass) on the remaining three selections. This is fitting, as over half of the album consists of early Coleman compositions. Coltrane's integration into this band works with some extraordinarily fresh results. Neither Cherry nor Coltrane makes any radical departures on this album; however, it's the ability of each to complement the other both in terms of modal style and -- perhaps more importantly -- texture that lends heavily to the success of these sides. Cherry's brisk and somewhat nasal intonations on The Blessing mimic those of Miles Davis, albeit with shorter flourishes and heavily improvised lines. When combined with Coltrane's well-placed -- if not somewhat reserved -- solos, the mutual value of both is dramatically increased. Blackwell -- the only other musician besides Cherry and Coltrane to be featured on every track -- provides some non-conventional percussive accompaniment. His contributions to The Blessing and workout on the aptly titled Focus on Sanity are primal.

    - Lindsay Planer (

    1. Cherryco (Mono Version)
    2. Focus On Sanity (Mono Version)
    3. The Blessing (Mono Version)
    4. The Invisible (Mono Version)
    5. Bemsha Swing (Mono Version)
    John Coltrane & Don Cherry
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  • Harlem Bush Music Uhuru Harlem Bush Music Uhuru Quick View

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    Harlem Bush Music Uhuru

    Avant garde jazz player's 1971 album featuring Andy Bey, Ron Carter, Juni Booth, Harold White, Nat Bettis.
    1. Blue (A Folk Tale)
    2. Uhuru Sasa
    3. Vietcong
    4. Celestial Blues
    5. The Planets
    Gary Bartz NTU Troop
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  • III Khaooohs And Kon-fus-ion III Khaooohs And Kon-fus-ion Quick View

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    III Khaooohs And Kon-fus-ion

    First Time Ever On Vinyl

    Avant Garde Swedish death metal classic featuring Dan Swano from Edge of Sanity!

    1. The Battle of Geeheeb
    2. Thee-Pherenth

    3. Behrial
    4. In Remembrance
    Pan Thy Monium
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  • Stranger In Stereo Stranger In Stereo Quick View

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    Stranger In Stereo

    Strange in Stereo is the third and final full-length studio album by the Norwegian progressive/avant-garde metal band In the Woods.
    LP 1
    1. Closing In
    2. Cell
    3. Vanish In The Absence Of Virtue
    4. Basement Corridors
    5. Ion
    6. Generally More Worried Than Married

    LP 2
    1. Path Of The Righteous
    2. Dead Man's Creek
    3. Titan Transcendence
    4. Shelter
    5. By The Banks Of Pandemonium

    In The Woods
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  • U&I (On Sale) U&I (On Sale) On Sale Quick View

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    U&I (On Sale)

    U&I is the fourth album from the avant garde electronic producer Leila also known for touring and engineering with Bjork. The 13-song, 2LP collection follows-up 2008's Blood Looms & Blooms and finds her collaborating on a number of tracks with Mt. Sims of The Knifes Darwin opera Tomorrow, In A Year fame.
    1. Of One
    2. Activate I
    3. All Of This
    4. Welcome To Your Life
    5. On Consideration
    6. Eight
    7. (Disappointed Cloud) Anyway

    1. Interlace
    2. Colony Collapse Disorder
    3. Boudica
    4. In Motion Slow
    5. U&I
    6. Forasmuch

    $22.99 $18.16 Save $4.83 (21%)
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  • Merseytrout Merseytrout Quick View

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    Limited edition 2LP set of Captain Beefheart's best selling live album Merseytrout, previously only available on CD. Recorded live at Rotters Club Liverpool in October of 1980, this was Beefhearts fifth gig of the tour after an absence from touring for almost two years. Joined by his Magic Band, the 21-song set finds the music legend at his absolute avant garde best.
    1. Toaster
    2. Nowadays A Womans Gotta Hit A Man
    3. Abba Zabba
    4. Hothead
    5. Dirty Blue Jean
    6. Best Batch Yet
    7. One Man Sentence
    8. Safe As Milk
    9. Flavour Bud Living
    10. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
    11. One Red Rose That I Mean

    1. Doctor Dark
    2. Bat Chain Puller
    3. My Human Gets Me Blues
    4. Sugar 'n' Spikes
    5. Veterans Day Poppy
    6. Dropout Boogie
    7. Sheriff Of Hong Kong
    8. Kandy Korn
    9. Suction Prints
    10. Big Eyed Beans From Venus

    Captain Beefheart
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  • Away Away Quick View

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    Recorded over three days in a studio on Long Island, and mixed in LA with Jonathan Wilson, Away was written during a turbulent and transitional time for Will Sheff. It's swirling, psychedelic backdrop and band of musicians with jazz and avant garde backgrounds represent the start of a bright new beginning for Okkervil River.
    1. Okkervil River R.I.P.
    2. Call Yourself Renee
    3. The Industry
    4. Comes Indiana Through the Smoke
    5. Judey on a Street
    6. She Would Look for Me
    7. Mary on a Wave
    8. Frontman in Heaven
    9. Days Spent Floating (in the Halfbetween)
    Okkervil River
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  • Spirit Spirit Quick View

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    A potent synthesis of high-voltage rock, jazz, blues and avant garde electronica. Presented here is the group's '67 debut LP in its ultra-rare mono mix along with The Family That Plays Together, whose mega-hit? I Got a Line on You? practically defined underground FM radio in 1968. Recorded during sessions circa '67-'70, most of the 20 incredible tracks on Now or Anywhere and Eventide were unissued at the time and both include new interviews with the surviving members.
    1. Fresh Garbage
    2. Uncle Jack
    3. Mechanical World
    4. Taurus
    5. Girl in Your Eye
    6. Straight Arrow
    7. Topanga Windows
    8. Gramophone Man
    9. Water Woman
    10. Great Canyon Fire in General
    11. Elijah
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  • Church Of Anthrax Church Of Anthrax Quick View

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    Church Of Anthrax

    John Cale is best known as a member of the Velvet Underground. Terry Riley is best known for his exploration of avant-garde music. They formed a one time collaboration on Church Of Anthrax.
    1. Church of Anthrax
    2. The Hall of Mirrors in the Palace at Versailles
    3. The Soul of Patrick Lee
    4. Ides of March
    5. The Protege
    John Cale & Terry Riley
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Chambers Chambers Quick View

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    An album for piano and string quartet, CHAMBERS re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today's addictive pop. Gestures from rap, ambient, easy listening and the avant-garde co-exist as always in Chilly Gonzales' musical universe - this time with strings attached!
    1. Prelude To A Feud
    2. Advantage Points
    3. Sweet Burden
    4. Green's Leaves
    5. Freudian Slippers
    6. Solitaire
    7. Odessa
    8. Sample This
    9. The Difference
    10. Cello Gonzales
    11. Switchcraft
    12. Myth Me
    Chilly Gonzales
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • The Family That Plays Together The Family That Plays Together Quick View

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    The Family That Plays Together

    Spirit wrote the book on the sound they created: a potent synthesis of high-voltage rock, folk, jazz, blues and avant garde electronica. The groundbreaking Los Angeles quintet hit their stride with The Family That Plays Together, whose mega-hit �I Got A Line On You� practically defined underground FM radio in 1968. Spirit�s 1969 album Clear found them polishing their art to a fine sheen with dusky jewels like �Dark Eyed Woman and �So Little Time To Fly.� Sundazed is knocked-out to present perfect recreations (including Family�s striking gatefold sleeve) of both LPs on pristine 180-gram vinyl, from the absolute master tapes.
    I Got A Line On You

    It Shall Be
    Poor Richard
    Silky Sam
    The Drunkard
    Darlin� If
    All The Same
    Dream Within A Dream

    She Smiled
    Aren�t You Glad
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  • Double Demon Double Demon Quick View

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    Double Demon

    Rob Mazurek (cornet), John Herndon (percussion), and Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone) are deeply rooted in the Chicago and international avant garde, jazz and post-rock scenes. Starlicker expel sound with pervading energy and other-worldly delicacy. Mazurek leads, composes for and performs with the critically acclaimed Exploding Star Orchestra, Chicago Underground, Smarcho Paulo Underground and Sound Is Quintet. Herndon, of the post rock collective Tortoise, creates waves of rhythm and maintains an abstract pulse uniquely his own. Adasiewicz is a Chicago mainstay and Down Beat magazine rising star who plays in his own Sun Rooms Trio, Exploding Star Orchestra, Rolldown and Loose Assembly.
    No Listing Available.
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  • The United States of America The United States of America Quick View

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    The United States of America

    Packaged for a limited time in a repro of the original manila envelope!

    The United States of America, led by respected modern classical avant garde musician Joseph Byrd, cut a wide swath through the 1968 world of rock, just then comfortably settling in to its backwoods dreams of country-rock to find the debut U.S.A. album howling like an infant terrible on its front doorstep. At the center of the U.S.A.'s fiercely experimental universe were the icy-cool vocals of the beautiful Dorothy Moskowitz, keeping this tumultuous sound from spinning out-of-control in every direction. Almost predictably, the U.S.A. disbanded before it could record a second album, but its brilliant, self-titled effort was certainly one for the ages.

    1. The American Metaphysical Circus
    2. Hard Coming Love
    3. Cloud Song
    4. The Garden of Earthly Delights
    5. I Won't Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar
    6. Where Is Yesterday
    7. Coming Down
    8. Love Song for the Dead Che
    9. Stranded In Time
    10. The American Way of Love
    United States Of America
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  • Clear Clear Quick View

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    By 1969, Spirit guitarist Randy California, his stepfather Ed Cassidy on drums, vocalist Jay Ferguson, keyboard man John Locke and bassist Mark Andes had become one of the hottest young bands in Los Angeles and was one of the first to prove that albums were becoming more important to an act's success than singles.

    All the elements that made Spirit a unique listening experience high-voltage rock, jazz, moody soundtrack-like instrumentals and avant garde electronica are present in spades in 1969's album Clear, whose FM radio smashes, Dark Eyed Woman and I'm Truckin, vaulted the Topanga Canyon quintet to the forefront of L.A.'s second wave of essential rock bands. Available now on Sundazed's high-definition vinyl is an exact replica of Clear, with Spirit, at the absolute top of its game, slowly exploding like a supernova from some distant galaxy.

    1. Dark Eyed Woman
    2. Apple Orchard
    3. So Little Time To Fly
    4. Ground Hog
    5. Cold Wind

    6. Policeman's Ball

    7. Ice
    8. Give A Life, Take A Life

    9. I'm Truckin'

    10. Clear
    11. Caught
    12. New Dope In Town
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Out to Lunch Out to Lunch Quick View

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    Out to Lunch

    Remastered And Reissued As Part Of The Blue Note 75th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Campaign

    Out To Lunch! was Eric Dolphy's only recording for Blue Note Records as a leader and today is considered one of the premiere albums in the label's
    history as well as one of the top avant garde jazz albums of the 1960s. Featuring five Dolphy originals - including the Thelonious Monk tribute "Hat and
    Beard," Out To Lunch! includes the artistry of Dolphy on alto sax, flute and bass clarinet along with Freddie Hubbard on trumpet, Bobby Hutcherson on
    vibes, Richard Davis on bass and Anthony Williams on drums. Out To Lunch was newly-remastered for vinyl by Alan Yoshida at Dunning-Kruger in Los
    Angeles as part of an overall Blue Note 75th anniversary vinyl reissue campaign spearheaded by current Blue Note Records President, Don Was.

    1. Hat And Beard

    2. Something Sweet, Something Tender
    3. Gazzellioni
    4. Out To Lunch
    5. Straight Up And Down
    Eric Dolphy
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • Second Edition Second Edition Quick View

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    Second Edition

    The second album from John Lydon's post-Sex Pistols group is widely considered to be their magnum opus. Combining such diverse influences as krautrock, dub, post-punk, and the avant-garde, Second Edition is four sides of harsh and uncompromising, yet danceable, music. While not the immediate influence and sensation that Never Mind The Bullocks was, this record is certainly John Lydon's finest artistic achievement.
    1. Albatross
    2. Memories
    3. Swan Lake
    4. Poptones
    5. Careering
    6. Socialist
    7. Graveyard
    8. The Suit
    9. Bad Baby
    10. No Birds
    11. Chant
    12. Radio 4
    Public Image L.T.D.
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • Live At The End Of A Century Live At The End Of A Century Quick View

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    Live At The End Of A Century

    Art of Noise were an avant-garde synthpop group formed in early 1983 by engineer/producer Gary Langan, programmer J.J. Jeczalik, arranger Anne Dudley, producer Trevor Horn, and music journalist Paul Morley.

    Out of This World, Born on a Sunday and Moments in Love were recorded live from the soundboard at the first Coachella Festival 9th October 1999.

    1. Out of This World
    2. Born on a Sunday
    3. Moments in Love
    Art Of Noise
    Vinyl LP Picture Disc - Sealed Buy Now
  • Evolution Evolution Quick View

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    Part Of The Blue Note 75 Anniversary Vinyl Reissue Campaign

    With such an inventive debut, it's a shame Moncur didn't record more as a leader, which makes Evolution an even more important item for fans of Blue Note's avant-garde to track down.

    - Steve Huey (All Music)

    1. Air Raid

    2. Evolution
    3. Coaster
    4. Monk in Wonderland
    Granchan Moncur III
    Vinyl LP Reissue - Sealed Buy Now
  • World Galaxy World Galaxy Quick View

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    World Galaxy

    Alice Coltrane had become a musical world unto herself by the time she issued World Galaxy, recorded in late 1971. With jazz-rock fusion taking over the mainstream and the terminal avant-garde heading over to Europe, Coltrane stubbornly forged an insistent, ever-evolving brand of spiritual jazz that bore her own signature as much as it did her late husband's influence.
    1. My Favorite Things
    2. Galaxy Around Olodumare

    3. Galaxy In Turiya
    4. Galaxy In Satchidananda

    5. A Love Supreme
    Alice Coltrane
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  • Weasels Ripped My Flesh Weasels Ripped My Flesh Quick View

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    Weasels Ripped My Flesh

    Weasels Ripped My Flesh, released in 1970, is the last release featuring the original Mothers Of Invention which FZ disbanded the year prior. Comprised of studio and live tracks, its musical diversity is showcased by incorporating elements ranging from avant-garde and experimental to R&B and Rock. Newly pressed from the master analog tape to 180g vinyl.
    1. Didja Get Any Onya?
    2. Directly From My Heart To You
    3. Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask
    4. Toads Of The Short Forest

    5. Get A Little

    6. The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue
    7. Dwarf Nebula Processional March & Dwarf Nebula
    8. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama

    9. Oh No

    10. The Orange County Lumber Truck
    11. Weasels Ripped My Flesh
    Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
    180 Gram Audiophile Virgin Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
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