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  • Love And Other Planets Love And Other Planets Quick View

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    Love And Other Planets

    This London singer/songwriter ups the ante in terms of sonics and songwriting ambition on his second album, leaping into experimentation yet still keeping his trademark strong melodies and heartfelt delivery. It's a far-reaching and beautiful record, bound together by a truly universal concept.
    1. Warning Call
    2. X Is For Kisses
    3. Launch Yourself
    4. Love And Other Planets
    5. Crashlander
    6. Sea Of Tranquility
    7. You And Moon
    8. Last Transmission From The Lost Mission
    9. These Lights Are Meaningful
    10. Spirals
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  • The Sun The Sun Quick View

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    The Sun

    Before Four Tet was remixing Radiohead and Coldplay and before Adem was performing with David Byrne and Fairport Convention, they were breaking new ground as Fridge, a trio formed in 1996 with fellow schoolmate Sam Jeffers. After three critically acclaimed albums, they're back with The Sun, their most celebrated album yet. It's a dense, aggressive record that casually blends post-punk, left-field funk, free jazz, folk, noise, and Krautrock into one sound that, despite the years and each individual's development, is unmistakably trademark Fridge.
    1.Sun, The
    3.Our Place in This
    4.Drums of Life
    9.Lost Time
    10.Years and Years and Years....
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  • Weatherhouse Weatherhouse Quick View

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    Four years after the unexpected and exquisite treat that was Philip Selway's debut album Familial, the man formerly known only as the drummer of Radiohead returns with his sophomore record, Weatherhouse. At ten tracks and 38 minutes, the album is as concise in shape as it is expansive in mood and assured in execution, mining a generally darker, fuller sound than its gentler, more acoustic-based predecessor and reflecting the band-centred nature of its construction and its creator's growth in confidence.

    Weatherhouse was made in collaboration with Adem Ilhan and Quinta; artists in their own right who had previously performed in Philip's backing band. "From the outset," Selway recalls, "we wanted the album to be the three of us, and we covered a lot of instruments between us. With a studio full of inspiring gear and a great-sounding desk, we felt like a band. Different musicians stretch you, and I felt stretched on Weatherhouse, but very enjoyably so." Working mostly out of Radiohead's studio in Oxfordshire, Adem also produced and engineered Weatherhouse, while Quinta played an equally integral role in the arrangements. The album was mixed by David Wrench.

    Album opener 'Coming Up For Air' sets the scene with its brooding, spectral mood, mantra-like pattern and Selway's simmering, reverb-drenched vocal exploring the album's dominant theme. "It's very much about taking stock of my life. I wanted to convey a sense of release and affirmation," he says. "This was the first song that we recorded. Immediately it felt in a very different space from Familial."

    The album's talismanic qualities explore a world of hope and plans, connection and disconnection - between family, friends and self - and dreams and fears: "I love records that you can almost live in, where the songs become talismans that you take to heart. That's what I was trying to create in Weatherhouse." With its emotional frankness, haunting melodies and gripping tension, Selway has made a great artistic leap and created something that even the most experienced singer-songwriters would be proud of.

    1. Coming up for Air
    2. Around Again
    3. Let It Go
    4. Miles Away
    5. Ghosts
    6. It Will End in Tears
    7. Don't Go Now
    8. Drawn to the Light
    9. Waiting for a Sign
    10. Turning It Inside Out
    Philip Selway
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  • Consider It Contempt Consider It Contempt Quick View

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    Consider It Contempt

    Consider it abrasive--so abrasive that were one able to somehow bottle this album, it would easily remove even the most resistant, ahem, grunge. It is indeed quality K.C. (Kansas City) noise. Were Fugazi less dogmatic and more psychotic, they'd aspire to sound like this. Guitarist/vocalist Scott Durgin uses his instrument like a screaming buzz saw, cutting a path through the thick tangle of the battling rhythm section. His voice is that of an apoplectic drill sergeant gone blue in the face, spittle dotting the corners of his taut mouth. Consider It Contempt is fiercely angry and aggressive. It is ugly and jagged. It is raw like a bloody cement abrasion. All this is good. --Adem Tepedelen

    2.So It Grips

    3.World Class


    5.Fulltime Apathy

    6.Out of Context

    7.Six Dozen of 1, 2/3 of Another

    8.Armchair Politician

    9.Live Head Down

    10.Your Skin


    Rocket Fuel Is The Key
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  • Born A Lion Born A Lion Quick View

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    Born A Lion

    orn a Lion is a fierce mother of an album, fairly exploding with crunching riffs and thunderous rhythms. Sure, the lyrics may be a bit ham-fisted, but with music this aggressive and cocky, that almost seem necessary. Guitarist/vocalist Danko Jones fancies himself a rock & roll outlaw, the illegitimate spawn of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, raised on a steady diet of 1970s hard rock and punk. His bare-bones, knuckle-dragging brand of hard rock is, in fact, mostly about attitude, combining the solid three-chord crunch of AC/DC with the furious MC5-informed attack of Sweden's Hellacopters. He and his cohorts--bassist John Calabrese and drummer Damon Richardson--bully their way through 11 bruising cuts, never pausing for anything more than a brief musical breakdown to let Jones testify (a la the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). It's a solid formula that they seem unwilling to tamper with much, and why should they? If it works well on the opening Play the Blues, it'll be just as good on the closing Love is Unkind. Yep, above everything else, Born a Lion is a consistent album from start to finish, and while not exactly fresh sounding, for 30-plus minutes it kicks some serious ass. --Adem Tepedelen
    1. Play The Blues
    2. Lovercall
    3. Sound Of Love
    4. Papa
    5. Soul On Ice
    6. Word Is Bond
    7. Way To My Heart
    8. Caramel City
    9. Get Outta Town
    10. Suicide Woman
    11. Love Is Unkind
    Danko Jones
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