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  • Arroz Con Habichuela Arroz Con Habichuela Quick View

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    Arroz Con Habichuela

    Arroz con Habichuela is the title of the studio album by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico. The Spanish title of the album means rice with beans in English which is a popular plate both in Puerto Rico and throughout Latin America. It is also the first album featuring new member, Willie Sotelo, on piano who replaced longtime piano player, Rafael Ithier, so that Ithier could focus more on directing the band.
    1. Si la Ves por Ahí
    2. Te Veo Nena (Album Version)
    3. No Hay Manera (Album Version)
    4. Arroz Con Habichuela (Album Version)
    5. Esa Mujer (Album Version)

    1. Como Tiembla el Alma
    2. Yo No Mendigo Amor (Album Version)
    3. PiÉnsalo
    4. No Te Detengas a Pensar
    5. Un No SÉ QuÉ

    El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
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  • Funky Kingston Funky Kingston Quick View

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    Funky Kingston

    Reissued In A Lovingly Re-printed Version Of The Original LP Sleeve

    Ranked 378/500 on Rolling Stone Magazine's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    Toots & The Maytals' long and storied musical career spans all the way back to the dawn of ska. The
    group are not only key figures in the development reggae, they were among the first to utilize the word
    in a song title which lead to the popularization of the very term reggae. Among the numerous musical
    accomplishments of Frederick Toots Hibbert and his group was the song Pressure Drop, which was
    released initially in 1970, but received widespread acclaim for its appearance in the soundtrack to the film
    Harder They Come. It's since been covered by The Clash, The Specials, The Selecter, Robert Palmer, and
    numerous others, has been rated by Rolling Stone as one of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, and is
    credited with helping introduce reggae music to the world.

    Though originally released in 1970, the US wouldn't get to experience Pressure Drop until 1975, when
    it was released on the US version of their album Funky Kingston, easily considered one of the strongest
    albums in Toots & The Maytals' catalog, not to mention one of the greatest in reggae history. Upon its
    release in the States it received massive critical applause (Even warming the cold, icy heart of Robert
    Christgau) for its infectious melodies and rhythms on tracks like Sailing On, Time Tough, and the
    eponymous title track, quirky Jamaica-infused covers of tracks by John Denver and Ike Turner, and of
    course the influential Pressure Drop.

    Reissued in a lovingly re-printed version of the original LP sleeve, Get On Down now presents a superb
    reissue of a legendary piece of music history.

    1. Time Tough
    2. In The Dark
    3. Funky Kingston
    4. Love Is Gonna Let Me Down
    5. Louie Louie
    6. Pomp And Price
    7. Got To Be There
    8. Country Road
    9. Pressure Drop
    10. Sailing On
    Toots And The Maytals
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  • Mustt Mustt (Awaiting Repress) Mustt Mustt (Awaiting Repress) Quick View

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    Mustt Mustt (Awaiting Repress)

    The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is today acknowledged as the great master of Qawwali who popularised this beautiful and inspirational music beyond Muslim peoples to a worldwide audience and into a whole new musical territory. Mustt Mustt shows Nusrat's willingness to experiment with his music - to strive for new ideas and to listen to new styles - and to create more contemporary albums that could sit alongside the traditional collection.

    In their Qawwali performances, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Party had begun to modify their style to suit the audience. Around the time this album was released, 1990, the Asian younger generation didn't bother with Qawwali - it bored them and was too slow. They wanted faster beats. 'I made my own style.' said Nusrat, 'We update Qawwali with the times.'

    Nusrat was happy to experiment on this album - he was always striving for new ideas, just as he was always listening to new styles of music. This, however, didn't mean Nusrat would stick entirely to modern techniques - traditional albums like Shahen-Shah and those recorded in Pakistan would continue to be made.

    1. Mustt Mustt
    2. Nothing Without You (Tery Bina)
    3. Tracery
    4. The Game
    5. Taa Deem
    6. Sea Of Vapours
    7. Fault Lines
    8. Tana Dery Na
    9. Shadow
    10. Avenue
    11. Mustt Mustt (Massive Attack Remix)
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Vinyl LP - Sealed AWAITING REPRESS Buy Now
  • Sahel Folk Sahel Folk Quick View

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    Sahel Folk

    Sidi Toure has been performing music in his home of Mali since the 1970's when he formed the Songhai Stars regional orchestra. He has won the award for best singer two times at the Mali National Bienale. Sidi is a peer to Toumani Diabate, Bassekou Kouyate, and he shares a kinship with the late Ali Farka Toure. At its heart, Sahel Folk, Thrill Jockey's debut release with Sidi Toure, is an album of friends reuniting musically. It's Sidi Toure's second album, but the first time most of his collaborators have been documented.

    Chronicled in a live field-recording style at Sidi's sister's house, the simplicity of the takes highlight the beauty of the songs and the skill of the players. Each track on the album is a duet recording of Sidi and one friend, a product of a very specific two-day process. On the first day, the friends would meet, play, and choose a song over a glass of tea. On the second day they would record the song, allowing themselves just two takes to retain the spontaneity of the recording and reunion.

    1. Bon Koum

    2. Adema
    3. Djarii Ber
    4. Bera Nay Wassa
    5. Sïnji
    6. Taray Kongo
    7. Haallah
    8. Wayey Zarrabo
    9. Artiatanat

    Sidi Toure And Friends
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  • Covered In Black Covered In Black Quick View

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    Covered In Black

    And they are glorious, beautiful. Sounding a bit like She &
    Him might were they produced by Sufjan Stevens - to create a
    sort of She & She & She & She, they are four alt-pop Brontës
    who beam right into your stereo like a comforting aural torch
    you never need to buy batteries for. - Drowned In Sound

    "Best referenced midway between the Bangles and Go-Gos in
    terms of a girl group approach, there's a kind of slacker
    sensibility at work here, one that never muffles the drive or
    conviction. I was meant for something more, Cottingham
    sings on the final track, aptly entitled Anything and indeed a
    lyric has never sounded so true." - Blurt

    Precociousness always catches its observer off guard; we are
    witness to a stubborn incongruity, a disproportionate relationship
    between limited years and elevated levels of skill, insight, or
    vision. It confounds common experience, and we wonder. When
    Ortolan's debut album Time On A String was released in 2010,
    three quarters of the family foursome were yet under drinking
    age. Along with copious kudos given to the quality of the music
    and the maturity of the songwriting, every single review made
    mention of their age. Wonder indeed.

    What may be the greater marvel though, is when a nascent talent
    starts to grow into itself; when prodigious promise begins to
    deliver something beyond spectacle, when it begins to nourish
    those who are witness to it. Such is the case with Ortolan's latest,
    Covered In Black.

    The pulse at the heart of Ortolan's music has always been
    Stephanie Cottingham's voice, a curious combination of
    innocence, wisdom, and wit (all rare commodities in the greater
    landscape of popular music today). These beguiling qualities
    remain, but here her voice is imbued with a greater richness. The
    bandwidth of color, hue, and shade has widened; the reds are
    redder and the blues are bluer. Even more significant though, is
    Cottingham's development as an interpreter of her own songs.
    Her voice remains a thing to behold, but in the tradition of Kitty
    Wells, Etta James, or Emmylou Harris, she is becoming a
    storyteller. Each note is now is its own scene in a greater drama.
    Each vocal push and lilt tells of loss and love, fear and

    As much as Ortolan is about Stephanie Cottingham's voice and
    songwriting, it is about family, and the picture is incomplete
    without the powerful presence of Jill (keys), Briana (bass), and
    Lara (drums). Floor toms drum and drive, strumming guitars
    strum and strum faster, basses rock and keyboards swirl and
    swoop. Their commitment to one another is palpable, and is as
    important to the music as the notes and rhythms they're playing.

    That their voices also join Stephanie's throughout the record is
    not insignificant. There is an excess of animosity in the world: so
    much time is spent competing, resisting, debating, conflicting,
    arguing. There is something so vital and humane in joining voices
    for once, in unison. One of the simplest and most powerful
    activities of human beings is singing together, and this is a
    central ingredient to Ortolan's music and life. Nothing is
    pretended-it's what they do: voices are raised and raised
    together -- to cry, to question, to pray, to laugh, to celebrate.

    The color black is achieved through the mixing of different
    paints and opposing pigments; as such, black represents the
    presence of color, not the absence of it, and Ortolan's latest is
    covered in it.

    1. Bottle's Broken
    2. Holding This Fire
    3. Votes Are In
    4. Covered In Black
    5. Surprise

    6. Spring
    7. Green Were The Days
    8. You Don't Know
    9. Above The Mountain

    10. Miles
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  • Siren Charms Siren Charms Quick View

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    Siren Charms

    The new album from In Flames is entitled "Siren Charms". This is the 11th studio album from In Flames recorded in December 2013, at Hansa Studios, Berlin. The album was produced by Daniel Bergstrand, Roberto Laghi and In Flames. The mix was done by Michael Ilbert at Hansa Tonstudios, and mastering by Tom Coyne at Sterling Sound, NYC.
    1. In Plain View
    2. Everything's Gone
    3. Paralyzed
    4. Through Oblivion
    5. With Eyes Wide Open
    6. Siren Charms
    7. When The World Explodes
    8. Rusted Nail
    9. Dead Eyes
    10. Monsters In The Ballroom
    11. Filtered Truth
    In Flames
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  • Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party Quick View

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    Ultra-High Frequencies: The Chicago Party

    For 23 straight Saturday nights of 1982, The Chicago
    Party dance show assaulted Chicagoland UHF eyeballs
    with Spandex, Southside fly guys, tender tenderonies,
    magicians, contortionists, prismatic video gimmickry,
    and lip-synched singles by a rising regime of local post-disco
    casualties. Unfettered nightlife and outlandish
    humor poured out of oddball outpost The CopHerBox
    II and onto TV screens, presented here as a 100 minute
    video mixtape on DVD. Its companion compilation
    features five previously unreleased tracks, joined by
    music culled from a trove of self-released 45s and
    small-time 12"s. Die-cut cathode-ray jacket and six in-package
    stills put the Party at your fingertips.

    Each edition of Ultra-High
    Frequencies: The Chicago Party will arrive in one of six
    cover configurations, all of which are interchangeable
    via printed inner sleeves and enclosed booklet. It also includes our entertaining DVD mix tape,
    isolating the most absurd and outrageous moments from
    the original broadcasts. Play functions enable viewers
    to enjoy 23 unique musical performances, as well as a
    mini-documentary about the creation and realization
    of The Chicago Party. For fans of electronic soul with
    a public access aesthetic, Ultra-High Frequencies: The
    Chicago Party is the place to be.

    1. The Chicago Party Theme - Jesus Wayne
    2. Girl You're Too Cool - Magnum Force
    3. Love Explosion - Donnell Pitman
    4. Rush - Jesus Wayne
    5. Garden Of Eve - Yvonne Gage
    6. Think - Rahmlee
    7. Master's Plan - Central Power System
    8. Burning Up - Donnell Pitman
    9. Let Yourself Go - Closencounter
    10. Pull Up - Universal Togetherness Band
    11. Blow Me Away - MC2
    12. Another Day - Keni Rightout
    13. Into New Dimensions - IND
    14. Freedom (Sweet) Freedom - Ken Allison
    15. Say Yes - New Testament Band
    16. This Is Our Love Story - Harvey-Allison Experience
    Various Artists
    Vinyl LP + DVD - 2 LPs Sealed Buy Now
  • The Clearing The Clearing Quick View

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    The Clearing

    Rachel Grimes is a pianist, composer, and arranger
    based in Kentucky - most renowned for her work in
    Rachel's, the groundbreaking chamber-rock ensemble
    that introduced an entire generation of underground rock
    fans to the unexpected similarities and appeal of
    neoclassical music. Grimes has toured the world as a
    solo pianist, and as a collaborator with chamber
    ensembles such as Portland Cello Project, astrïd,
    Cicada, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta trio, and Orchestra

    Unhurried, at times fleeting, and stretching into the sky,
    The Clearing is a winding path of transient moments
    exploring personal memory, relationships, and mystery
    from a deeply internal place. The music is a wide
    spectrum of textures in strings, harp, piano, woodwinds,
    and percussion. Featuring an ensemble that includes
    Scott Morgan (LOSCIL), Scott Moore, Kyle Crabtree
    (Shipping News), Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Jacob
    Duncan (Liberation Prophecy), and Helen Money, The
    Clearing reveals a broad new chapter for Rachel

    1. The Air
    2. The Clearing
    3. The Air of Place
    4. The Herald
    5. The Air in Time
    6. In the Vapor With the Air Underneath
    7. Transverse Plane Vertical
    8. Transverse Plane Horizontal
    9. The Air, Her Heart
    10. Further Foundation
    11. The Air at Night
    Rachel Grimes
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  • Lemurian Lemurian Quick View

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    First Time On Vinyl

    Lone's classic debut album 'Lemurian' gets the deluxe re-issue treatment courtesy of Magic Wire and R&S. Originally released in 2008. It returns in 2015 re-mastered by Matt Colton, with new artwork from Konx-om-Pax and on vinyl for the very first time.

    1. Koran Angel
    2. Cali Drought
    3. Interview At Honolulu
    4. Banyan Drive
    5. Green Sea Pageant
    6. Girl
    7. Orange Tree
    8. Maya Codex
    9. Atoll Mirrored
    10. Sea Spray
    11. Under Two Palms
    12. Lens Flare Lagoon
    13. Borea
    14. Buried Coral Banks
    15. Phthalo Blue
    16. Sunken
    17. Minor Suns
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  • Parasite Parasite Quick View

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    Pressed On Sea Green Vinyl

    Limited To 2000 Copies

    One-Sided 12" w/ B-Side Etching (No Music)

    When The Coathangers first stormed on the scene over a decade ago, their power resided in their ability to craft a crooked hook out of a grimy guitar line, a delightfully crass chorus, or an enticingly ham-fisted drum-and-bass groove. With each successive album, the Atlanta garage punk ensemble has increasingly tempered their brash charm with sharp-witted pop. Not that the band ever fully excised the primal howl of The Gories or the sparse strut of ESG, but with the trio's latest EP, Parasite, The Coathangers explore the space between their initial unbridled expressionism and their recent nuanced song craft. "I'd like to think the EP takes you on a journey through the band's existence," says guitarist/vocalist Julia Kugel of the sequencing of the five songs on their latest offering.

    Parasite kicks off with the title track, a rowdy throwback to a younger, angrier incarnation of the band. Crafted in the wake of the election and during a tumultuous period in the band members'private lives, "Parasite" is pure catharsis. "During the making of our last album, I didn't want to scream anymore, I just wanted to sing and focus on melody. When we came to this recording, Ijust wanted to scream and curse." If the EP is meant as a journey through the various stages of the band's career, it certainly storms out of the gate with the same kind of piss-and-vinegar of their eponymous debut. And while "Wipe Out" is another rowdy venture, with bassist Meredith Franco taking over the lead vocal duties over a steady barrage of pointed power-chords, it also showcases the rousing choruses that elevated the trio from underground heroines to an internationally renowned garage act. Despite the adverse times, The Coathangers' mastery of pop cannot be contained forever, as is evident in the EP's single "Captain's Dead", with its sultry verses, triumphant chorus, and a bombastic freak-out of noisy guitar. The journey through The Coathangers' musical evolution leads to a revamped version of "Down Down" off 2016's Nosebleed Weekend LP and the smoky twang of "Drifter", in which drummer/vocalist Stephanie Luke demonstrates her knack for solid Dusty Springfield-style ballads.

    1. Parasite
    2. Wipe Out
    3. Captain's Dead
    4. Down Down (alt version)
    5. Drifter
    The Coathangers
    Colored Vinyl LP - Sealed Buy Now
  • Change Of Fortune Change Of Fortune Quick View

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    Change Of Fortune

    Soul Asylum was formed in Minneapolis in 1983 following in the footsteps of another local Alternative rock band, The Replacements. Mixing tuneful but unrestrained punk, hardcore, 1970s rock, country and self-effacing kitsch, one early review described their sound as "some unholy mix of Kiss and Hank Williams thrown under the wheels of a runaway train." All elements contributed to the band being credited with a 'grunge precursor' title, a claim often recited in comparisons between pre-Nirvana Minneapolis and Seattle bands.

    Their breakthrough album Grave Dancers Union, featuring their Grammy Award-winning single "Runaway Train" debuted in 1992 and went on to sell over 3 Million copies. They followed this with the album Let Your Dim Light Shine in 1995 which went on to sell over 1 Million copies.

    Change of Fortune has been three years in the making and the wait is most certainly worth it. The first single "Supersonic" will have Soul Asylum loyalists happy to discover the group's trademark ragged-but-right sound is still very much intact - clever lyrical turns of phrase, classic rock riffs filtered through punk rock energy, and themes that everyone can relate to. Change of Fortune is the sound of a band that has gone through good times, bad times, and every time in between and has come out the other side as fresh and invigorated as when it all began in a basement in Minneapolis.

    1. Supersonic
    2. Can't Help It
    3. Doomsday
    4. Ladies' Man
    5. When I See You
    6. Moonshine
    7. Make It Real
    8. Dealing
    9. Don't Bother Me
    10. Morgan's Dog
    11. Change of Fortune
    12. Cool
    Soul Asylum
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  • Stairway To Hell (Out of Stock) Stairway To Hell (Out of Stock) Quick View


    Stairway To Hell (Out of Stock)

    2013 release from the California Hard Rock band. Stairway To Hell is the band's first studio recording since 1996's Motel California and the first since their 2010 reunion.

    Ugly Kid Joe is an American rock band from Isla Vista, California, formed in 1990. The band's name spoofs that of another band, Pretty Boy Floyd. Ugly Kid Joe's sound includes a range of styles, including rock, hard rock, funk metal and heavy metal.

    To date, Ugly Kid Joe have released three full-length albums, two compilation albums and two EPs. Their best selling records are As Ugly as They Wanna Be (1991) and America's Least Wanted (1992), which were both certified double platinum by the RIAA; the former is notable for being the first EP to go platinum.

    1. Devil's Paradise
    2. You Make Me Sick
    3. No One Survives
    4. I'm Alright
    5. Love Ain't True
    6. Another Beer
    7. Cat In the Cradle (acoustic)
    8. Would You Like To Be There (acoustic)
    9. No One Survives (acoustic)
    Ugly Kid Joe
    Vinyl LP - Sealed Temporarily out of stock
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